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Women of Grace Recommended Catholic Reading for every Home Library.

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Will You Dare to be Holy
(William Wegner)...
Item #: B1495
Pope Paul VI said that modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he...more info »
Teacher's Manual (6th - 8th Grades)
Item #: B1691
Tammy Woell Paperback Exodus has 2 introductory lessons (Overview of the Bible and an...more info »
Student Book (6th - 8th Grades)
Item #: B1690
Tammy Woell Paperback The student book has 9 lessons; 2 introductory (Overview of the Bible,...more info »
We Need to Talk: God Speaks to a Modern Girl
Item #: B1674
Susan Brinkmann Pb 112 pgs When she decided to return to the Church, she did so kicking and...more info »
The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life
Item #: B1647
Susan Conroy Pb 336 pgs Let the pages of The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of...more info »
Dion: The Wanderer Talks Truth
Item #: B1649
Dion DiMucci, Mike Aquilina Pb 144 pgs Dion DiMucci is a multi-platinum recording artist,...more info »
Addicted to Stuff: What to Do When Your Possessions Possess You

Pb 54 pgs

(Dale O'Leary)...
54 pages
Item #: BSTUFF
Dale O'Leary A booklet written by Dale O’Leary on how to recognize, deal with and recover...more info »
A-Z Memory Verses  
Teacher's  Manual (3rd -  5th Grades)
Item #: B1550
Tammy Woell Paperback The teacher's manual has a general guide for initiating the study in a...more info »
A-Z Memory Verses 
Student Book (3rd - 5th Grades)
Item #: B1549
Tammy Woell Paperback 26 Bible verses that teach important truths of the faith are...more info » Out of Stock
Acts of the Apostles 
Teacher Manual (5th - 6th Grades)
Item #: B1504
Tammy Woell Paperback This manual has guidelines for initiating the study in schools or...more info »
Gospel of Luke 
Teacher's Manual (4th - 5th Grades)
Item #: B1485
Tammy Woell Paperback The Teacher's Manual has twelve detailed lesson plans with reduced...more info »
Gospel of Luke 
Student Book (4th - 5th Grades)
Item #: B1484
Tammy Woell Paperback This study has twelve full-color, beautifully illustrated lessons of...more info »
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