Exorcist Volume Three: Spiritual Warfare and Discernment

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This book will focus on topics that are more practical and therefore more technical than the previous works in the series. It would focus on certain practical points regarding the ministry of liberation and the discernment of spirits. Case studies will be used to concretize the learnings. There is a chapter on folk religiosity; the specific perspective will center on the moral repercussions of syncretism or the contamination of our faith by paganism/animism. The last major topic will be on the discernment of spirits as applied to private revelations since many cults are arising due to false mystics and visionaries mesmerizing people with their so-called "signs and wonders." A growing challenge in the Philippine Church today is to prepare ourselves to detect, confront, draw out, and defeat the devil when he attacks and subjugates Christians in an extraordinary manner. May this volume assist in equipping Catholics to fight back for the sake of their own souls, the salvation of their brothers and sisters, and for the greater glory of God. About the Author: FR. JOSE FRANCISCO JOCIS SYQUIA hails from a wealthy family. The second to the eldest son of the late ambassador Enrique Syquia and his wife, Leticia, he and his four brothers grew up in North Forbes Park, Makati City. After graduating from college in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas (UST), Fr. Jocis entered the seminary in 1989 and completed his training from both San Carlos Major Seminary in Makati City and the University of Santo Tomas Central Seminary. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sacred Theology from the UST Ecclesiastical Faculties and a Licentiate in Spiritual Theology from the Angelicum in Rome. He finished both courses with magna cum laude honors. He also has a Master’s degree in Psychology from the UST Graduate School.

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