In the School of the Holy Spirit

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Authentic Catholic prayer is a supernatural adventure, a lifelong journey into the very heart of God, a journey that was meant for everyone! This book by Women of Grace's own Susan Brinkmann, OCDS brings together a wealth of knowledge from the great mystical doctors and spiritual masters of our Church on the subject of Catholic prayer, all the way from vocal prayer to infused contemplation. Presented in easy-to-understand language, the reader will quickly learn that growth in prayer is not limited to the chosen few. Anyone who is open to love can go the distance in prayer!

Catholic prayer has an identity crisis. In the modern quest for spirituality rather than religion, non-Christian Eastern forms of prayer are all the rage. They’re being promoted as rare and exotic while Christian prayer is presented as dull and old-fashioned. Nothing could be further from the truth, and this simple little book explains why.

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