Queen of Militants

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Emil Neubert, S., S.T.D. PB 202 Pages When he consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pope Pius XII, called Our Lady "the victor in all the battles of God." In this concise but immeasurably rich book, Father Emil Neubert tells us why the Blessed Mother is God’s weapon against the evils of the day and why we must be under her orders. You will discover: • The definition of a militant and why you are one • Why Mary is the most perfect of all militants • Why Mary’s role as Queen of Militants is essential for modern times • Mary’s method to form you as a soldier in her army • How to go to battle with Mary to win the day for Christ Jesus • The means by which you can be victorious in all of life’s challenges, the personal, the cultural, the Spiritual. Find out how your "every step and every move" can contribute to victory no matter how difficult the struggle. This book is a rare jewel, a beautiful crystal that helps us see the incredible victory that is ours through the Blessed Mother. I have greatly profited by its contents in my personal life, apostolic life, and spiritual life. A life-changing, transformative opportunity awaits each one of us as we enlist in the army of Mary. -- Johnnette Benkovic Williams Founder, Women of Grace® EWTN Television and Radio Host

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