Learn to Discern Compendium

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Susan Brinkmann, OCDS 269 pgs The Learn to Discern Compendium is a compilation of years of research by award-winning journalist Susan Brinkmann, OCDS about one of the most dangerous cultural and religious movements of our time - the New Age. Riding into our lives on the crest of relativism, what was once comprised of a few dozen practices has now proliferated into hundreds of techniques and treatments based on a variety of belief systems that can easily trap the uninformed Christian. There is only one way to navigate through this "mine-field" - we must learn to discern what is New Age, and what is not. This is the purpose of the Learn to Discern Compendium which analyzes 30 of the most popular movements of the day, then carefully instructs the reader on how to recognize the telltale signature of the New Age in each. In addition, a useful Glossary contains information on hundreds of other practices, and the Discernment Tools will help you to put into practice what you'll learn in this fact-packed compendium.

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