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With God Alone: Catholic Contemplative Prayer for Everyday People Enlarge Image

With God Alone: Catholic Contemplative Prayer for Everyday People

NEW! Susan Brinkmann OCDS Pb 144 pgs Catholic prayer has an identity crisis. In the modern quest for “spirituality” rather than religion, non-Christian Eastern forms of prayer are all the rage. They’re being promoted as rare and exotic while Christian prayer is presented as dull and old-fashioned. Nothing could be further from the truth – and this simple little book explains why. Authentic Catholic prayer is a supernatural adventure, a lifelong journey into the very heart of God, a journey that was meant for everyone. Originally published as Lord Teach Us to Pray, this expanded edition brings together a wealth of knowledge on the subject of Catholic prayer – from vocal prayer to infused contemplation - from the great mystical doctors and spiritual masters of our Church. Presented in easy-to-understand language, the reader will quickly learn that growth in prayer is not limited to the chosen few. Anyone who is open to love can go the distance in prayer!

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