Moments With Mary: Who is Mary? Study Guide

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Woman figures prominently in God’s plan of salvation. We hear Him say so at the dawn of human civilization when He pronounced His judgment on the serpent in the Garden. He proclaims, "I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel." (Genesis 3:15 Douay Rheims). And so it was that"“in the fullness of time" the woman about whom God had prophesied came into being. Her name was Mary and from the first fiat mihi she gave, the crushing of the serpent’s head began.

In this study you will come to learn more about this marvelous woman "clothed with the sun." And, in answering the question that the title asks, you will also come to learn more about yourself as woman, your call in God’s plan of salvation, and how that plan coincides with Mary’s. by the end of this study, you will have gained more insight into the mystery and splendor that is the Blessed Virgin Mary, come to know her more intimately, experience her maternal beatitude more profoundly, and enter her Immaculate Heart more deeply.

Each individual Moments with Mary Study explores a different facet of the glorious reality of the Blessed Mother. Key study features include:

A specific Theme and Grace to delve into over a six-week program
Weekly teaching videos led by Johnnette and expert guests with follow-up questions
Daily Meditations for reflection
Accompanying Daily Reflection Videos by Johnnette
Supplemental articles that further explore the study Theme and Grace
A beautifully designed study guide to record your study journey along with access to all study-specific videos.

Through expert teaching and commentary, the quotes of the saints, documents of the Church, and Scripture passages, the Moments with Mary Study Series encourages women to seek the action of the Holy Spirit in their lives and to act upon the promptings they receive. In this way, women will "aid humanity in not falling" and be a sign of God’s action in our day and time.

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