Benedicta Institute for Women Week-Long Immersive: Who is Woman: The Journey from Eve to Mary

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April 22-28, 2024
Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center
North Palm Beach, Florida

Who is Woman: The Journey from Eve to Mary (3 credits):
This course will explore the mystery of woman through Catholic teaching and insights from leading Catholic scholars on femininity. Drawing from the works of Gertrud von le Fort, Alice von Hildebrand, Prudence Allen, and, above all, Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, students will discover the essence of the feminine genius in contrast to the cultural confusion that obscures the true nature of woman today. A journey will be made from the fallen disobedience of Eve to the redemptive obedience of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Instructor: Donald Wallenfang, OCDS, PhD is a Secular Discalced Carmelite, Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, and Academic Advisor for the Benedicta Institute. He received his MTS from St Norbert College and his PhD in systematic theology from Loyola University Chicago. He has published twelve books as well as numerous articles and book chapters on a variety of topics in Catholic theology and philosophy. His areas of expertise merge at the intersection of Carmelite spirituality, phenomenology, metaphysics, and sacramental theology. Wallenfang served in full-time Catholic youth and young adult ministry for nine years. He has been married to his wife, Megan, for twenty-three years and has six children.

Necessary course texts to purchase (available in our store):
Essays On Woman (The Collected Works of Edith Stein)
The Eternal Woman: The Timeless Meaning of the Feminine by Gertrud Von Le Fort)
The Privilege of Being a Woman by Alice von Hildebrand
Phenomenology: A Basic Introduction in the Light of Jesus Christ (Cascade Companions) by Donald Wallenfang
Metaphysics: A Basic Introduction in a Christian Key (Cascade Companions) by Donald Wallenfang

(The pre-requisite for registering for the Benedicta Institute for Women is graduation from the Full of Grace Foundational Study Program.)

Full Rate:
Tuition $1095
Registration Fee $35
Room and Board (6 nights) $885
Total: $2015

Commuter Rate:
Tuition $1095
Registration Fee $35
Food and Facility Fee $585
Total: $1715

The Women of Grace® Benedicta Institute for Women program provides women with the opportunity to acquire certification in Catholic Women's Leadership. No matter which level of endeavor a woman desires, this program will help her attain her goal, and assist her to "aid humanity in not falling."

The mission of the Women of Grace Benedicta Institute for Women is to identify, educate, develop, and train Catholic women to be active leaders and mentors of the day in accord with their state in life. By infusing family life, communities, institutions, organizations, and governmental agencies with Catholic moral and social teaching, the leaders trained by this Institute will do much to infuse a Culture of Life into contemporary society and will "aid humanity in not falling."