Reconciling Tragedy - The Day the Music Died

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Dion DiMucci It was February 2, 1959. Four young rock and roll stars had been on tour through the Midwestern states. It was no pleasure cruise, the means of transportation just a regular school bus. And the weather - cold -- so cold in fact that one of the drummers had to be admitted to the hospital for a case of frostbite gotten while sitting on that bus. One of the singers decided it was too much. He was going to hire a plane. Problem was it only seated four people including the pilot. One of the singers had to sit out and take the bus to the next gig. They flipped coins. Three won. It was all decided until the cost was disclosed. For one of the winners, it was too much money. Turning to the loser of the flip he said, "You go." And that was that. The three young men and the pilot boarded the plane and, almost immediately after take-off, the plane crashed. Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Richie Valens, along with the pilot were killed.