Fatima's Message: Hope for Our Time

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Fr. Andrew Apostoli About Fatima and its message, Pope Benedict the Sixteenth says, "For us, Fatima is a sign of the presence of faith, of the fact that it is precisely from the little ones that faith gains new strength, one which is not limited to the little ones but has a message for the entire world and touches history here and now, and sheds light on this history." Indeed, the message of Fatima brought by Our Blessed Lady to the little ones of Portugal is a prophetic message - one that holds as much significance for our day and time as much as it did for the world of 1917. Blessed John Paul the Second said that Fatima and its message may well be more relevant for our day and time than it was in 1917 when Our Blessed Lady first appeared to the three shepherd children. Why? What about this message was pregnant with meaning and intention for today?

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