Women of Grace Week 14 - Catholic Social Workers



Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, Kathleen Neher, Monica Breaux. Ph.D., Drs. Michael and Lisa Patchner (5 CD Set) CD10192 - Challeneges of Catholic Social Services in a Secular Culture Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, Kathleen Neher CD10193 - The Catholic Social Ethos and Health Care Kathleen Neher CD10194 - The Catholic Sexual Ethos and the Sexualization of the Culture Monica Breaux. Ph.D CD10195 - The Catholic Social Workers Ethos and Persons with Disabilities Drs. Michael and Lisa Patchner CD10196 - Toward a Catholic Social Ethos in Today's Culture Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, MSW, DD -Archdiocese of Louisville, Kathleen Neher, MSW, LISW