Selling the Culture: Part 2

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Dr. William Brennan We discuss one of the ploys that has been used by intellectual elites to manipulate the perceptions and beliefs of the world community. In our own country this technique has been used to denounce the American Indian, sell slaves, marginalize women, dehumanize the vulnerable, and kill children and the elderly. Coined semantic gymnastics, this systematic approach to "hoodwinking" the American population has been successfully applied to turn a Judeo-Christian ethos into one of situational ethics, moral relativism, and narcissistic materialism. In 1970, the California Medical Association's journal, featured an editorial called "A New Ethic for Medicine and Society." in which the CMA outlined a carefully conceived strategy to convince the American population that abortion is not killing. The American public has been sold a lie whose tentacles reach from the womb to the grave, and with increasing influence, affect every human life through legislation and policy.

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