The Cross in Our Lives: Living in Hope and Confidence Linda Santo

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Linda Santo It's a scene that repeats itself every summer. A child is drowned in the family pool. In many cases, the end result is fatal. But in some, the child survives - fully recovered or not. While it is hard to understand such loss and the tragedy even more difficult to accept, God can and does work all things to the good - and sometimes, God's workings are miraculous. On August 9, 1987, life was about to change dramatically for Linda Santo, her family and most especially for her three year old daughter, Audrey. This was the day little Audrey fell into the family swimming pool and drowned. Audrey recovered, was rushed to the hospital, was overmedicated, and lapsed into a coma. Audrey remained non-moving and non-speaking for the next 20 years. But, in those 20 years, God worked signs and wonders in and about little Audrey. Linda Santo shares about her daughter Audrey, the supernatural phenomenon, and Audrey's case for canonization.

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