St. Joseph: Not Your Average Joe Rick Sarkisian, PhD

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Have you met the real St. Joseph? Not the lofty, unapproachable figure sometimes portrayed in art and literature. But the humble, hard-working man who was deeply involved in the day-to-day life of his family and world. A man with much to teach us about servanthood, integrity and authentic manhood. Rick Sarkisian, Ph.D. shares personal anecdotes, vivid real-world experiences and penetrating insights in Joseph's vocation, mission and virtues. All to help you see your life in a fresh new way as you follow Joseph's example and seek to become a true reflection of Jesus Christ. This book is an easy, entertaining read complete with detailed appendices. It will help you learn to make Joseph a part of your daily life, and embrace the virtues that make him anything but "your average Joe." (88 pages)

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