Twilight: Vampirism Today

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Susan Brinkmann Occult fiction has made major inroads into the culture bringing with it a worldview that is irreconcilable with Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Church. It presents a twisted view of the human person and elevates the macabre and the perverse. The distinction between good and evil is blurred and protagonists and antagonists are nearly interchangeable with regard to morals, ethics, and use of power. One novel series that is immensely popular among tweens, teens, and their moms is the Twilight series, now made even more popular through hit movies. Vampirism. One dictionary defines it as the unscrupulous exploitation, ruin, or degradation of others. Yet for millions of readers and movie goers, it has become a near romantic ideal. Does vampirism exist and, if so, what does it really look like? Ought such a thing be romanticized? What impact has the Twilight series of books had on the culture, and in the minds and hearts of today's youth? Should we be concerned?