Literature, Culture, and Social Agenda

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Michael O'Brien, Susan Brinkmann Go to any secular bookstore today, or browse the shop feature on your Nook or Kindle, and you will find that books on occult themes, horror, and darkness have increased exponentially in the past few years. And this is as true of children's literature as it is of adult. What does this tell us about our culture, our consumption of ideology, and where we are headed as a people in the future? While there are a variety of ways to define culture, I prefer the one given to us by one of today's guests. "Culture," he writes, "defines us to ourselves, tells us what is of value, what is harmless or dangerous, what is the real meaning of existence." What shapes culture? What is the relationship between a people's literature and that which they believe? Can fiction influence the culture? Is there a relationship between literature, social agenda and culture?

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