Freed Indeed

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Joshua Allan, Blake Callens, Colin Brown, Adin McCarthy Cenacolo is the name given to the communities established by Mother Elvira, a religious sister whose response to God's call has helped hundreds of men and women experience freedom from the bondage of alcohol and drug abuse. Many times those who arrive at Cenacolo's doors come of their own free will. Others are brought, nearly coerced, by concerned loved ones and friends. Still others think there is something to be gained by coming, the least of which is sobriety. But, more often than not, what all experience is a freedom they never thought possible. Not only freedom from drugs and drink, but freedom from the issues that caused them to drug and drink. Such is the case with our guests today, four young men with varied histories all with a common theme, addiction. Let's meet Joshua Allan, Blake Callens, Colin Brown, Adin McCarthy.

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