Addictions Hit Home: Two Mothers' Stories, Part 1

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Mary Lou McCall, Judy Klein Every mother knows that when her child suffers, she suffers more. How intense the suffering, then, when we see our son or daughter making disastrous and life-threatening choices. When long hours of the night are spent with the ever present danger that our child might be found in some hovel or some back alley dead of a drug overdose. Our guests today are two women who share a common bond - both of them have sons who are drug addicts. But this is not the only bond they share. They also share the bond of faith -- a sure and certain knowledge that God can work all things to the good for those who are called according to his purposes. Their stories and the stories of their sons testify to this truth. And their courage, conviction, perseverance and hope help all of us believe that nothing is impossible with God.

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