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Saver, Collector, or Hoarder: Which Am I?

Dale O'Leary, Allison Ricciardi

Are you a binge shopper or do you know someone who is? Would someone consider your house or your loved ones house cluttered? Can the rooms in the house be used for their function or are they too full of stuff? Are boxes and piles of belongings blocking hallways and doors?

Most typically, family, friends and neighbors are aware of the problem and perhaps even the hoarder as well, but attempts to organize and purge are futile. Even when some order has been achieved through persistence and hard work on the part of all involved, the hoarder begins to accumlutate stuff once again and is soon back to where he began or even in worse shape.

Our guests will help us take a critical look at our own habits of accumulation or those of a loved one.

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