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Born Only Once

Conrad Baars
Read by Suzanne Baars
(2 CD Set)

This timeless classic, Born Only Once, was inspired by a desire to make its audience aware of the syndrome of deprivation neurosis, so wide spread in our utilitarian, self-seeking culture, where the most needy and most innocent of its victims are given poor substitutes for authentic, affirming love.

Born Only Once explains how affirmation is a way of being and living, which brings one real joy, fulfillment and peace. As such it is the true antidote to the many ills in our society, inasmuch as affirmation enables one to be at peace rather than endlessly pursue whatever one may perceive to be happiness.

Born Only Once presents the truth about the human person and his or her fundamental psychic need for affirming love, in order to develop into a mature adult. This physically small but philosophically profound audio book will provide aid and hope to the many persons who so desperately desire wholeness and healing.

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