Book Study - Icon of Trust-Led by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Begins April 15, 2024 - 4 weeks



Icon of Trust reflects upon the deep meaning of the words Totus Tuus. Through the lens of Scripture and Catholic authors, it explains how to place yourself in the hands of Mary and love Jesus with her heart. Best of all, Icon of Trust explains how Mary was created by God "full of grace" and sheds light on her key role in building up the early Church community. You will learn how Mary's total surrender, as the tabernacle of the Lord, ushered in your redemption and how Old Testament words and events are fulfilled in Our Lady's mission. This small book will unveil for you how, as the New Eve, Mary mediates for us at Calvary and Jesus entrusts us to her maternal, intercessory care. During the Book Study, you will: ...grow in total abandonment to divine providence ...deepen your trust in God ...learn how Mary's loving obedience is central to your salvation ...explore the meanings of "Ark of the New Covenant" and "Daughter Zion" ...learn how Mary's self-emptying, or kenosis, aids in the salvation of the world

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