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Discerning and Following God's Will

Fr. Mitch Pacwa

We have learned much in this series about hearing the voice of God, receiving the word he speaks to us, and the work he can accomplish in us and through us when we act upon it.

All of this, of course, presupposes a loving relationship with Our Lord forged in our time of prayer. But, as we have seen, it also requires a generosity of heart on our part, a detachment from our wants and desires, and an attachment to the will of God. And this takes trust - a firm knowledge that whatever is God's will for us and whatever he permits in our lives, is best for us, ultimately bringing with it true peace, true joy, and real growth in him.

How do we acquire this detachment? How do we develop trust? And how do these dispositions of heart make all the difference when life's difficulties press down upon us?

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