Navigating the System: How to Be An Advocate

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Kurt Kondrich At no time did we ever think the mother's womb would become the most perilous place for her child. But, with the increased use of prenatal testing, this is exactly what has happened. A technology that could help so many parents make preparation for the special needs child they are expecting, prenatal testing has become instead, the instigation for parents to take their child's life. In fact, did you know there is actually a movement to eradicate the "disease " of Down Syndrome? - and make no mistake about it, friends, -- there is only one way to do that - kill the children before they are born. In response to this eugenic undertaking, today's guest says, and I quote, "The only disease that needs to be "eradicated" is the culture of death we live in with its twisted mandates for perfection. If Down syndrome is a disease then the world needs to catch the symptoms and spread them quickly - unconditional love, purity, innocence, honesty, and an incorruptible spirit of Light!"

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