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Do What He Tells YouJohnnette Benkovic Williams

Do What He Tells YouJohnnette Benkovic Williams

NEW! Talk 1: Do What He Tells You and Let Your Light Shine Forth

How do we know God's will for us? How do we know our mission during this challenging time in our world and in the Church?

Based on the scripture passage John 2, Johnnette exhorts listeners to turn to Our Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit for Divine guidance and wisdom about God's plan for us and His plan for the Church.

Talk 2: What I Say to You in the Darkness, Speak in the Light

The enemy tries to speak evil into our blessings. Johnnette gives us practical tools to tap into the God-given power of your baptism and confirmation to renounce the strategies that are working against us and our mission for the world.

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