JP II Champion of women: Courageous Leader Margaret Hartshorn, Vicki Thorn, Mercedes Wilson

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Margaret Hartshorn, Vicki Thorn, Mercedes Wilson What does it take to be a leader? It takes a person of courage, someone who is willing to stand for truth no matter what. John Paul the Second was such a person. His spiritual paternity gave us an example of the courageous leader. Like him we, too, must speak truth though ears seek lies; we must uphold life though lives seek death; we must embrace the world though not be embraced by it. And finally, when the Cross is offered, we accept it gladly so as to make up in our own bodies what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ for the sake of His body, the Church. And thus, the legacy of the Courageous leader who was John Paul the Second becomes our own, and we pass it along to others. My dear women of grace, if we do this, much will be accomplished for the Kingdom of God, many lives will be saved and many souls will find eternal life. And this is our mission.