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Alternative Therapies

Susan Brinkmann

One of the major tenets of new age thinking is monism.This Eastern Oriental Mysticism heresy states all things are part of one indivisible and continuing reality, a life force energy which pervades all things. And this energy is god.

The Pontifical Councils says, "The New Age god is an impersonal energy, really a particular extension or component of the cosmos; god in this sense is the life-force or soul of the world" One area where this concept has had great impact is in the field of alternative health care, therapies, and practices.

These health care modalities work off of two major premises. One, that sickness and disease is caused by an imbalance of the life force energy within us and that by bringing the energy into balance health and wholeness will follow; and/or two, this life force energy can be harnessed through techniques and practices that can be channeled from one person to another to bring about healing and restoration.

Such is the ideology behind acupuncture, reiki, healing touch, crystal healing, electromagnetic bracelets, diodes, and a host of other practices and techniques.

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