Cracking the DaVinci Code: Seperating Fact from Fiction (Dr. Edward (Ted) Sri) ...



Catholic bashing in the media has become a national sport. Topping the New York Times bestsellers list, "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown has led millions of readers into a world of mystery and riddle, woven tightly with historical inaccuracies and anti-Catholic sentiment. Despite its faulty representation, the book gives the impression that it is based on historical fact-and that's the problem. Many have bought in to "The Da Vinci Code's" outlandish claims about the Bible and the Catholic Church, leading them to doubt the historical reliability of the Christian tradition. In this 2-part series, Dr. Edward (Ted) Sri sets the record straight in regard to the Scriptural claims and errors "The DaVinci Code" makes in its attempt to re-write Christian history. Whether you have read the book yourself or you know others who have, discover the real truth behind The DaVinci Code and learn practical tools for helping others separate what is fact and what is mere fiction in this influential novel.