Malvern Retreat - "Entering the Heart of the Father: Healing for Divine Love"



Johnnette Benkovic, Fr. Philip Scott, FJ July 12 - 14, 2013 (10 CD Set) Did you miss this year's Women of Grace Retreat? The good news is that you can experience the beauty and grace of the retreat right in the comfort of your very own home, car, or mobile device. "Absolutely everything about the retreat was life giving and life changing. I give it a 10!!!! This retreat may have been the most life changing I have ever attended including past WOG retreats." T.D. Akron, OH "...The entire weekend was so powerful, prayerful, thoughtful!! Johnnette very much exceeded my expectations! I had seen her on TV and heard her on the radio, but listening to her in person blew me away!" M. M. Wilmington, DE CDWOGR7-1 - Friday Evening - Johnnette Benkovic CDWOGR7-2 - Friday Homily - Fr. Philip Scott CDWOGR7-3 - Saturday Morning - Johnnette Benkovic CDWOGR7-4 - Saturday Afternoon - Fr. Philip Scott CDWOGR7-5 - Saturday Afternoon - Johnnette Benkovic CDWOGR7-6 - Saturday Homily - Fr. Philip Scott CDWOGR7-7 - Saturday Evening - Johnnette Benkovic CDWOGR7-8 - Saturday Evening - Fr. Philip Scott CDWOGR7-9 - Sunday Morning - Johnnette Benkovic CDWOGR7-10 - Sunday Homily - Fr. Philip Scott

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