Medical Schools: Anti-Life "Labs" in Progress

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Kathleen Raviele MD, William Chavira MD On the website of the National Catholic Medical Association is posted a transcript of a talk given at a Catholic University by an alum who is now a medical student. In the address, he talks turkey to the students, informing them of what they will experience when they, too, continue their studies in medicine. He outlines for them the anti-life bias they will experience from their pre-admissions interview to their hospital rotations. This excerpt from the transcript captures it all. He writes, "Unfortunately, the pro-abortion, pro-death ideology is alive and well in medical school. You will be taught in such a way to try and justify these procedures and drugs, and you will be taught that what the patient wants you should give. This is the tyranny of autonomy. Our medical education system continues to try to destroy any philosophical basis for our ethics, and replace it with an ethics based upon the legal system."