When the Diagnosis is Dementia, Part 1

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Ellen Marie Edmonds, Dr. Delisa West, Dr. Jacqueline DeMarco We’ve seen the changes, some subtle others not so much, but nothing, not even our haunting suspicions, prepares us for the official diagnosis – dementia. Just hearing the doctor pronounce the word makes it real and we can no longer chase away our fear. A myriad of questions and concerns flood the mind. Can this be true? What will we do? How will we manage? Our guests will help us answer these questions. With us is Ellen Marie Edmonds, a woman who faced all these questions and wrote a book to answer them. She lost her husband, Frank, to Vascular Dementia and has founded an apostolate to help others face life’s challenges. Also with us is Dr. Delisa West, a neuropsychologist in private practice, and Dr. Jacqueline DeMarco, a clinical psychologist whose specialty is trauma and stress.

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