One Day Women of Grace Conference "Changing the World One Woman at A Time" St. Timothy Catholic Church Mesa, AZ October 20, 2012



In "Changing the World One Woman at A Time" you'll discover: What is the essential nature of woman and how has it been counterfeited in our modern culture? What is the great purpose and mission of women in this our day in time? How is the Blessed Virgin Mary the icon of authentic femininity? How do you overcome personal obstacles and wounds that impede your mission? What is the transforming power of suffering in your life? How will living out your personal mission help to usher in the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary? Talk#1 - Fr. David Simonetti, M. Div; S.T.B.- Opening Homily - "Capturing the Grace of the Present Moment" Talk#2 - Johnnette Benkovic - "Woman: God's Secret Weapon for the 21st Century" Talk#3 - Fr. David Simonetti - "Bone of My Bone, The Uniqueness of Woman" Talk#4 - Johnnette Benkovic "Women's Influence, Effect and Power" Talk#5 - Johnnette Benkovic "Woman's Misson, Mary's Triumph

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