Signs of the Times

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Michael Brown Consider these statistics. Since 1989, the United States has experienced seven of its top ten greatest disasters. In this same time period the country has had 38 weather-related disasters reaching or exceeding $1 billion dollars. In 1999, 1,225 tornadoes struck the United States, and in that same year, 19 disasters were declared for hurricanes alone. From 1991 to 1996 the number of severe storms jumped from 6,500 to 9,200 and the reports of large hail-sometimes as big as melons-tripled. 1998 became the warmest 12-month period since the invention of the thermometer and Dallas saw temperatures hit 100 degrees there every day for more than a month.What is going on? Guest Michael Brown maintains that God is poised to send major disasters upon us and that these events are just the precursors to what we should expect to take place-if we don't change.