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The Rapture & The End Times: A Catholic Perspective Enlarge Image

The Rapture & The End Times: A Catholic Perspective

Paul Thigpen, Ph.D.

One of the most phenomenal best-selling series of books is The Left Behnd series. Its basic story line is developed from a fundamental Protestant teaching called the "rapture" or the "secret rapture" which asserts that Jesus Christ will come secretly to snatch away true believers from their troubles on earth and the tribulations prophecied for the end of time.

If you are a Catholic when Jesus comes, some of the preachers insist, you better be careful. You are not a true Christian and you may be left behind. What are we as Catholics to make of such a teaching?

On this exceptional program Paul Thigpen presents the Church's teachings on the end times in a clear and understandable fashion and clears up much of the confusion about what Catholics truly believe about "the rapture".

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