Religious Liberty Under Attack - Part 4

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Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Maria Montserrat Alvarado, Father Edmund Sylvia The challenges that we face in this our day and time are great and, one of the greatest challenges we face today as a people of faith is the attack against religious liberty. Make no mistake about it - we are engaged in a war, a cultural and political war, to protect and preserve this most fundamental of American rights. But, make no mistake about this, either: God has endowed us as a people of faith with every spiritual blessing in the heavens to win this war. Now that doesn’t mean it will be easy, that we won’t be tested, that hard times can be averted. But it does mean that we can enter into it with confidence and hope. I guess only this remains to be answered: Will you engage it? And, if so, how? The first question, only you can answer. The second? Well, our guests today will give you some insights on that one.

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