Help! My Child Has A Serious Condition: Redefining Normal

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Thomas K. Sullivan, Dr. Chris O’Hara, Dr. Ray Guarendi, Father Edmund Sylvia. Through the course of this series, we have discussed the realities that face a family when a child has been diagnosed with a chronic or serious illness. We have seen how such a diagnosis impacts the life of the child, the family members, and the dynamics at work within the family unit. When a child is diagnosed with a chronic or serious illness that which we have come to expect as normal is no longer. New routines, different dynamics, new functions and roles rapidly begin to develop within the family unit. And as that happens, a new normal evolves. Though different, however, this new normal need not be devoid of blessing. In fact, in a recent study conducted by John Hopkins Children’s Center, a remarkable 80% of parents said their families had benefited in some way from having a child with a chronic illness.