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St. Paul and the Power of the Cross Enlarge Image

St. Paul and the Power of the Cross

Fr. Mitch Pacwa
Pb 120 pgs

St. Paul returned to the theme of the Cross over and over again as he taught Christians about salvation and exhorted them to worship. As Bible scholar and popular EWTN host Fr. Mitch Pacwa unveils St. Paul's words, you'll discover just how profoundly the Cross affected this apostle, equipping him for evangelization and helping him overcome strife.

With the help of Fr. Pacwa's focus and modern applications, you'll learn how Jesus Christ crucified is the wisdom of God, how the Cross itself reflects the power of God, and what this means for you: What is your cross, and how can you use it to better follow Jesus?
How can you follow St. Paul's example in offering up sufferings to be united with Christ's Cross? How can the centrality of Jesus dying on the Cross help overcome
divisions in the Christian Church today?

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