Catholic Fatherhood: The Vision, Mission, and Purpose

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Jason Free, John Clark Pope John XXIII said that "It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father." What's the definition of a real father? And how can a man cooperate with grace to become one? Does he have a vision, a mission and a sense of purpose regarding his fatherhood? Once esteemed as an honored position in society and in the culture, contemporary media now pokes fun at, mocks, demeans, and generally dismisses the essential role that fatherhood plays in the life of a child, its necessary presence in family life, and its fundamental value to a nation and a people. But, as one of our guests maintains nothing can be further from the truth. "What is less understood," "is that fatherhood is a blessing of incomprehensible magnitude. While other men run away from responsibility, we Catholic fathers need to embrace it."