Frightening Fantasies: Harry Potter and the Paganization of our Children's Culture (Parts 1 and 2)



Steve Wood, Michael O'Brien, Vivian Dudro (2 CD set) Are you one of the many parents scratching your head wondering about all the Harry Potter hype and debate surrounding this seemingly innocuous character? After all, kids love the books and many schools, including Catholic, are recommending them to their students. With over thirty million books sold to date, what is the big deal? In this video series, our expert guests tackle the Harry Potter phenomenon and the outright invasion of pagan and occultic themes in children’s literature, film, games and videos. Fantasy books and movies are examined as our guests help parents discern the good and wholesome fantasy from the dark and sinister. This informative and important series features well known Catholic personalities including: Steve Wood of the Family Life Center and St. Joseph Covenant Keepers; Michael O’Brien, author of A Landscape with Dragons, Father Elijah and Eclipse of the Sun; and Catholic columnist Vivian Dudro.