Dignity and Vocation of Women



Dr. Martha Garza, Suzanne Baars, Genevieve Kineke, Dr. Kathleen Raviele, Dale O'Leary, Mary Jo Anderson, Johnnette Benkovic (7 CD series) 1) Woman, Crowning Glory of God's Creation - Dr. Martha Garza 2) Thoughts on Authentic Femininity - Suzanne Baars MA 3) Woman as theBride of Christ - Genevieve Kineke 4) Margaret Sanger & The Legacy of Planned Parenthood Dr. Kathleen Raviele 5) Overstuffed: When What You Own Begins to Own You Dale O'Leary 6) Woman: God's Secret Weapon for the Culture of Our Day Mary Jo Anderson 7) Mary: The Woman of Grace - Johnnette Benkovic

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