Dissent and Destroy: The Truth Behind the Scandals



Johnnette Bekovic, Mary Jo Anderson, Dr Brian Clowes, Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz and Russell Shaw (4 CD series) Recent media coverage has been overwhelmingly focused on reports of priestly pedophilia and sexual misconduct. What are we to think as the Church we love so dearly is hammered by story after story of scandal and corruption? What is happening to the Catholic Church in the United States and how did we arrive at this pivotal moment in its history? n this 4-CD series our guests explore the issue of dissent in the Church, the homosexual subculture which has infiltrated some areas of the Church and, their direct connection to the abuse scandals. It takes an honest look at the agendas of so-called "Catholic" organizations whose subversive tactics are seeking to dismantle the church from within.

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