It Started in the Garden...Or Did It?

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Karl Schultz, Thomas Sullivan, John Martignoni Our culture portrays the masculine through a variety of images and exaggerations. A real man is either a beer-guzzling do nothing in a tee shirt and baggy jeans or he is a dude decked out like a magazine ad trawling the street in a sports car looking for his next hook-up. He may be pictured as a dad, wimped out by his wife with an IQ points lower than his youngest child or a nerd so wired to his electronics that his own brain is nearly fried. But, God's ideal for the masculine is none of these things. His ideal is a reflection of His very image and likeness, entrusted with aspects of His own fatherhood that leads others to eternal life. To what extent is God's vision of man portrayed at the very start of human civilation and can that ideal be recovered?