Girl Scouts' Dangerous Liaisons, Part 1

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Christy Volanski, Sydney Volanski, Rochelle Focarraci As a Catholic parent concerned about your child's faith, would you knowingly involve her in or let her be involved in an organization that promotes an ideology opposed to some of the fundamental teachings of the Church and Sacred Scripture? One that holds up for esteem individuals whose radical ideologies support abortion, the gay lifestyle, and contraception? One that encourages your child to become involved in efforts to promote such things? Of course not, right? Well, this is what you may be doing unintentionally if your daughter is involved in Girl Scouts of America. Here to talk with us about the Girl Scout connection to Planned Parenthood and the pamphlet that set off a firestorm is Christy Volanski and her daughter, Sydney. They are joined by Rochelle Focarraci, a former girl scout troop leader.

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