Widowhood: A Holy Path

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Ronda Chervin, Ellen Edmonds, Amy Welborn Welcome to this special live show edition of Women of Grace. Life is not always an easy path. There are many challenges, trials, and miseries to be faced along the way. And it is perhaps necessarily so. Baptized into the paschal mystery of Our Lord Jesus Christ, his passion, death, and resurrection, we can be certain that sorrow, suffering, sadness, and grief will be experienced to some degree by all of us. Therefore, the question is not "Will I suffer? But rather, what will I do when I suffer?" And the answer we give makes all the difference. Today in our program we are going to meet three women who have suffered deeply. They all share a special kind of sorrow. Each has lost her husband through death. Join us today as they share their stories with us and show that widowhood can be a very special journey, a holy path, that leads to a future full of hope.