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Women of Grace TV

DVD's of Women of Grace Television Show with Johnnette Benkovic and Fr. Edmund Sylvia. Aired every weekday on EWTN television network.
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Technology - To Serve or to Be Served
Item #: DVD10249
Fr. Joseph Esper Technology is one of the wonders of our times. Within nanoseconds we can...more info »
Spiritual Attacks and Spiritual Counterfeits
Item #: DVD10250
Fr. Joseph Esper Today's young people are growing up in the most spiritually dangerous era in...more info »
Marginalization, Persecution, Martyrdom
Item #: DVD10251
Fr. Joseph Esper In 1980, Blessed John Paul the Second, in an informal statement to a group of...more info »
The Church Fathers and the Mass
Item #: DVD10265
Mike Aquilina Have you ever wondered how the form of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass came...more info »
Who Are the Church Fathers?
Item #: DVD10264
Mike Aquilina Those hundred or so men called The Fathers of the Church boasted a variety of...more info »
The Early Church: Beginning and Foundation
Item #: DVD10263
Mike Aquilina Our guest this week will take us into the thrilling time of the first Christian...more info »
The Truth about the Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust
Item #: DVD10262
Stephen Gabriel Upon the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, Golda Meier, later to become the...more info »
The Truth about the Spanish Inquisition
Item #: DVD10261
Stephen Gabriel As one scholar of medieval history writes, "Anyone wishing to beat the Church...more info »
The Truth about the Crusades
Item #: DVD10260
Stephen Gabriel Myths and misconceptions about the medieval Crusades abound. Commonly...more info »
The Truth about Galileo and the Church
Item #: DVD10259
Stephen Gabriel In our day and time it has become commonplace and even acceptable to offer...more info »
Catholicism and the Contemporary Climate
Item #: DVD10258
Stephen Gabriel There you are at a dinner party or the neighborhood barbeque or your office or...more info »
The Four Last Things-Pt 2
Item #: DVD10257
Susan Conroy As one great spiritual teacher tells us, "Our destiny is the possession of God...more info »
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