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Women of Grace TV

DVD's of Women of Grace Television Show with Johnnette Benkovic and Fr. Edmund Sylvia. Aired every weekday on EWTN television network.
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Top Secret 4: Don't Let the Past Rule Your Future: Choose New Life
Item #: DVD10293
Jason and Crystalina Evert Knowing that everyone makes mistakes is no consolation when the...more info »
Top Secret 3: Break Up Before You Break Down (Or Have One!)
Item #: DVD10292
Jason and Crystalina Evert The old song tells us that breaking up is hard to do. And so it is....more info »
Top Secret 2: Don't Just Date: Date for a Mate
Item #: DVD10291
Jason and Crystalina Evert As our guests this week tell us, there are a million wrong reasons...more info »
Top Secret 1: Avoid the Toads - They Rarely Change
Into A Prince
Item #: DVD10290
Jason and Crystalina Evert Ask any woman who she wants to marry and she will describe to you a...more info »
Healed for Holiness & Love
Item #: DVD10299
Fr. Phillip Scott We began our week by stating a truth: every human person who has ever had...more info »
In the Father's Eyes: Who You Really Are
Item #: DVD10298
Fr. Phillip Scott For those who suffer from the emotional deprivation caused by the father...more info »
The Father's Healing Love
Item #: DVD10297
Fr. Phillip Scott No matter the situation, no matter the trial. No matter the stuggle, no...more info »
The Wounded Heart
Item #: DVD10296
Fr. Phillip Scott When a child has not experienced the loving attention of a father or a...more info »
The Church Fathers and Mary
Item #: DVD10267
Mike Aquilina Perhaps one of the greatest stumbling blocks between Catholics and Protestants...more info »
The Church Fathers and the Eucharist
Item #: DVD10266
Mika Aquilina The doctrine on the Real Presence tells us that Jesus is really and truly...more info »
America in Decline
Item #: DVD10248
Fr. Joseph Esper Our guest tells us the fabric of American culture is being remade and that...more info »
Forgiveness: The Means to Healing - Divorce
Item #: DVD10133
Dr Richard Fitzgibbons When anger is not immediately met with forgiveness, something evil...more info »
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