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Women of Grace TV

DVD's of Women of Grace Television Show with Johnnette Benkovic and Fr. Edmund Sylvia. Aired every weekday on EWTN television network.
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The Dark Years
Item #: DVD10270
Dion DiMucci Every life has moments of joy and happiness and times of struggle and trial. This...more info »
Groove, Drive, Style
Item #: DVD10269
Dion DiMucci As today's guest tells us in the late 1950's, the new genre of rock and roll had...more info »
The Bronx, Hipsters and Coming of Age
Item #: DVD10268
Dion DiMucci You've heard his songs, perhaps danced to their beat, or maybe even fallen in...more info »
Face Off: Meeting Today's Challenges with Faith, Part 2
Item #: DVD10288
Justin Fatica, Tim Hanley, and Brian Greenfield Yesterday we began a discussion with our three...more info »
Evangelizing the Evangelizer and the Evangelized
Item #: DVD10289
Justin Fatica, Tim Hanley, and Brian Greenfield An old truth tells us that you can't give what...more info »
The Father Wound: What It Is and How We Get It
Item #: DVD10295
Fr. Phillip Scott Every child is meant to be loved, cherished, nurtured, and blessed. This is...more info »
The Unitive Way and Mystical Incarnation
Item #: DVD10304
Fr. Phillip Scott In Galatians 2 verse 20 St. Paul says, "I have been crucified with Christ...more info »
Growth in Union with God
Item #: DVD10303
Fr. Phillip Scott Prayer is the instrument of divine union. It is transformative,...more info »
Making Progress in Saintly Steps
Item #: DVD10302
Bert Ghezzi As the name of our series this week suggests, prayer, indeed, is the backbone of...more info »
What the Saints Tell Us
Item #: DVD10301
Bert Ghezzi As our guest today writes in the introduction to one of his books, "Holiness does...more info »
Prayer: Learning the Basics at Our Mother's Knee
Item #: DVD10300
Bert Ghezzi Do you remember the first time you prayed? Where were you? Perhaps you were where...more info »
Top Secret 5: Embrace Your Current Place (In Life)
Item #: DVD10294
Jason and Crystalina Evert Do you remember the saying: Take time to smell the roses? This is...more info »
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