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Women of Grace TV

DVD's of Women of Grace Television Show with Johnnette Benkovic and Fr. Edmund Sylvia. Aired every weekday on EWTN television network.
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Unprecedented Times, Unprecedented Grace
Item #: DVD10315
Father Michael Gaitley In 1976, two years before he became Pope John Paul II, Karol Wotyla...more info »
Executing the Mission: Holy Talk, Holy Walk
Item #: DVD10286
Justin Fatica, Tim Hanley, and Brian Greenfield Yesterday, you met our three guests: Justin...more info »
Meet the Evangelists
Item #: DVD10285
Justin Fatica, Tim Hanley, and Brian Greenfield I've got to tell you, friends the set is alive...more info »
Reconciling Tragedy - The Day the Music Died
Item #: DVD10279
Dion DiMucci It was February 2, 1959. Four young rock and roll stars had been on tour through...more info »
Suffering, Sorrow and God's Plan
Item #: DVD10278
Mike Aquilina If there is one common denominator that touches the life of every human being it...more info »
Fatima and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart
Item #: DVD10277
Fr. Andrew Apostoli Our Lady's message at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 is a message of hope and...more info »
Fatima's Message: Hope for Our Time
Item #: DVD10276
Fr. Andrew Apostoli About Fatima and its message, Pope Benedict the Sixteenth says, "For us,...more info »
Fatima's Message: What Did Our Lady Mean?
Item #: DVD10275
Fr. Andrew Apostoli Perhaps no other apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been more...more info »
Fatima: The Story and Its Times
Item #: DVD10274
Fr. Andrew Apostoli In 1917, the country of Portugal was embroiled in conflict. The world was...more info »
Mary: The Prophesied Prophet
Item #: DVD10273
Fr. Andrew Apostoli The centuries are studded with apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and...more info »
Home At Last!
Item #: DVD10272
Dion DiMucci Ask a traveler on the road, a soldier in the field, a college student at...more info »
The Gospel Years
Item #: DVD10271
Dion DiMucci There are certain moments in life that seem to be pregnant with a supernatural...more info »
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