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Simon Peter Press

Simon Peter Press is the Publisher of the Simon Peter School scripture Study distributed by Women of Grace.
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A-Z Memory Verses 
Student Book (3rd - 5th Grades)
Item #: B1549
Tammy Woell Paperback 26 Bible verses that teach important truths of the faith are...more info »
Called to Knighthood :The Sacrament of Confirmation in the Kingdom Family of God
Item #: B1589
Thomas K Sullivan Pb 70 pgs The Catholic Church tells us Confirmation is the sacrament that...more info »
Walk with Me, Jesus: A Widows Journey
Item #: B1571
Ronda Chervin, Ph.D. Pb - 223 pgs Philosopher and writer Ronda Chervin offers widows a...more info »
Raising Up Mommy: Virtues for Difficult Mothering Moments
Item #: B1539
Heidi Hess Saxton Pb 74 pgs) Have you ever had a difficult mothering moment - one of those...more info »
Gospel of Luke 
Student Book (4th - 5th Grades)
Item #: B1484
Tammy Woell Paperback This study has twelve full-color, beautifully illustrated lessons of...more info »
Llenas de Gracia: Las Mujeres y La Vida Abundante
Item #: B1194-S
Johnnette Benkovic Pb 242 pgs Authentic Catholic womanhood. Many women mistakenly equate this...more info »
$15.99 $11.99
Acts of the Apostles 
Student Book (5th - 6th Grades)
Item #: B1483
Tammy Woell Paperback The student book has eleven full-color, beautifully illustrated...more info »
A-Z Memory Verses  
Teacher's  Manual (3rd -  5th Grades)
Item #: B1550
Tammy Woell Paperback The teacher's manual has a general guide for initiating the study in a...more info »
Lleno de Gracia: Mujeres y la Guía de Facilitador de Vida Abundante en español
Esta guía da a facilitadores la información organizativa para establecer el grupo así como...more info »
$9.95 $7.46
Gospel of Luke 
Teacher's Manual (4th - 5th Grades)
Item #: B1485
Tammy Woell Paperback The Teacher's Manual has twelve detailed lesson plans with reduced...more info » Out of Stock
Acts of the Apostles 
Teacher Manual (5th - 6th Grades)
Item #: B1504
Tammy Woell Paperback This manual has guidelines for initiating the study in schools or...more info »
Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Her Scapular, Her School
Item #: B1603
Johnnette Benkovic 14 pg pamphlet Tells the history of The Brown Scapular given to St Simon...more info »
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