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Living His Life Abundantly TV

DVD's of Living His Life Abundantly Television Show with Johnnette Benkovic and Fr. Edmund Sylvia. Aired weekly on EWTN television network.
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Sailing Single in a Noah's Ark World
Item #: DVD14422
Mary Beth Bonacci The single state of life carries with it a host of challenges not readily...more info »
Mother Angelica's Daily WisdomGuest:
Item #: DVD14405
Raymond Arroyo We all like practical wisdom, nuggets of insight that give us direction and...more info »
Defending Marriage: A Call to Arms
Item #: DVD14403
Mary Jo Anderson, Dale O'Leary A battle is raging in our times over the institution of...more info »
Mission to the Dying
Item #: DVD14402
Kathy Kalina To care for the terminally ill and dying, and to do so with compassion and love,...more info »
Same-Sex Attraction: Its Causes and Its Effects
Item #: DVD14401
Mary Jo Anderson, Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons, Dale O'Leary While the political and societal battle...more info »
Real Love in a Hook-Up World
Item #: DVD14400
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse Few would argue that the institution of marriage is in crisis today....more info »
The Resilient Church
Item #: DVD14399
Mike Aquilina Beginning with its earliest days, the Catholic Church has experienced a history...more info »
Who Are the Church Fathers?
Item #: DVD14398
Mike Aquilina Our guest writes that while many books tell us the story of the first Christian...more info »
The Noise of the Day
Guest: Teresa Tomeo
Item #: DVD14397
Our guest is a veteran broadcast journalist with more than 20 years experience as a radio and...more info »
Raising Up Mommy
Guest: Heidi Saxton
Item #: DVD14396
Let's face it. The call to motherhood ranks as one of the most important vocations a woman can...more info »
The Charismatic Renewal: 40 Years Later
Guests: Patty Mansfield, Bert Ghezzi, and Father Edmund Sylvia
Item #: DVD14394
In 1967 an amazing occurrence took place at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. An...more info »
Excommunication: What It Is, What It Isn't
Guest: Dr. Edward Peters
Item #: DVD14393
Excommunication. The very word sounds foreboding and frightening, and perhaps something out of a...more info »
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