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Item #: DVD10204
Susan Brinkmann Increasingly popularized in the West over the last 50 years, Yoga has...more info »
Twilight: Vampirism Today
Item #: DVD10225
Susan Brinkmann Occult fiction has made major inroads into the culture bringing with it a...more info »
Literature, Culture, and Social Agenda
Item #: DVD10222
Michael O'Brien, Susan Brinkmann Go to any secular bookstore today, or browse the shop feature...more info »
The New Fantasy: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Item #: DVD10223
Michael O'Brien, Susan Brinkmann Fantasy literature may well be eclipsing all other forms of...more info »
Harry Potter and Paganization
Item #: DVD10224
Michael O'Brien The Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling and the movies that have...more info »
Preserve and Protect: The Christian Response
Item #: DVD10226
Michael O'Brien, Susan Brinkmann The occult worldview that is permeating literature and the...more info »
The New Age Movement: A Christian Response
Item #: DVD14287
Clare McGrath Merkle, Fr. Edmund Sylvia, CSC Crystals, astrology, tarot cards, yoga, reiki,...more info »
Yoga and Energy Work: Health or Stealth?
Item #: DVD14288
Clare McGrath Merkle Yoga, tai chi, healing touch, reiki - all of these practices are rooted...more info »
Reiki: Hoax, Help or Spiritual Counterfeit?
Item #: DVD14289
Clare McGrath Merkle Reiki: many are touting its benefits and its effectiveness as a healing...more info »
Neo-Gnosticism, Carl Jung and the Struggle for the World's Soul
Item #: DVD14298
Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, Mary Jo Anderson Today's culture is fraught with many currents and...more info »
Christian Meditation and Its Counterfeits
Item #: DVD14301
Fr. Jonathan Robinson and Clare Merkle Much goes by the name of prayer today. And much goes by...more info »
New Age Inroads
Susan Brinkmann, Sharon Lee Giganti, Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM (5 DVD Set - Women of Grace Week 23)...more info »
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